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Helping Your Business Stand Out From The Crowd

Your website is the home of your business online. It’s the place people first go to look you up and find out what you’re all about. It’s one of the few online platforms which you retain full control of. It’s your chance to show your business’s true character off to all your potential customers. It’s our job to help you achieve this.

In today’s crowded market of cookie cut websites, articles and social media posts, something genuinely connected to your brand can help you stand out.

We specialise in building fast, performant, Search Engine Optimised websites for small businesses and start-ups across Cornwall. Whether you're just bringing your business online, you've outgrown your current website or you need a microsite or landing pages for marketing campaigns, events or promotions we can help to make your business shine online.

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  • Fast, SEO optimised, Websites for Small Businesses and Start-ups in Cornwall

  • Mobile-friendly and responisive - a business website to look the part on any device

  • Built with your unique audience in mind your new website will resonate with your customers

Take Your Cornish Small Buiness or Start-up Online and Grow Your Reach

If you're a small business, just starting out in Cornwall, you may be getting ready to grow your market by reaching a new audience online. A fast, mobile-friendly and responsive website is at the heart of what gives you a solid online reputation. It's often the destination you end up referring people to when they want to learn more about your business and the services you provide.

Your business website can quickly become the hub from which the rest of your online presence evolves.

“A fast website helps bring positive results for small businesses looking to grow their online presence”

SEO Optimised Websites, Creative Copywriting And Bespoke Photography.

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SEO for Small Businesses in Cornwall

Creating a superb looking website for your online audience to engage with is just half of the equation when it comes to a successful outcome for any new small business website.

Without solid Search Engine Optimisation practices built into a website it will stay off the radar of online search providers and social media platforms and so receive a lot less traffic than it should do.

All our websites include a range of on-page optimisation best practices to ensure that they can be found in the search engines. SEO measures such as these include populating pages with relevant meta titles, descriptions and image alt tags, configuring an XML sitemap, setting up Google Search Console, using SEO-friendly URLs and ensuring the site loads quickly.

Photography for small businesses and start-ups in Cornwall

Small Business Website Photography

As a Cornish start-up or small business it may be effective to have original images to showcase on your new business website which is something we can help you with.

Product Photography

If you have products you’re marketing, bespoke photography can be one of the most memorable ways to do this. Building up your image base with original pictures helps to capture the essence of your brand, giving your products the best chance of catching your customers’ eye in a crowded online marketplace.

Place Photography

For holiday lets, house rentals, shops and restaurants, having the right photography in place on your business website will generate more leads. A photo is the closest thing to actually standing in a space so a place’s imagery has a powerful sway on whether somebody will take the time to visit your business. By bringing your location to life on screen you’re paving the way to bring people through your doors to experience the real thing.

Copywriting for a Small Business Website

Copywriting for a Small Business Website

Words are an important part of your offering when you’re putting your start-up or small business online. While the images, design and iconography on your website are what attract a viewer’s immediate attention, it’s the character of the writing which will effect them as they engage more deeply with the site’s content. It’s your words which will be helping a customer to decide if they want to form a connection with your business or not.

Copy has all sorts of roles to play in today’s digital marketing era. Alongside the copy for the various pages of your website there are other sections of written content which need to resonate with your customers too.

Descriptions for your products. Articles for your blog. Even the tone of your social media posts ought to be thought out to match your business’s personality. If you haven't got all the copy for your business website or you feel it needs a refresh, we are always happy to help create written content for you.

Map of Cornwall showing the route of the charity walk for Ataxia Uk and Cornwall Mind spanning the entire coastline

Take Your Business To a New level

Are you ready to reach the next stage of your business goals by taking your small business or start-up to a new audience online? Your new business website will be fast, built with modern, SEO-friendly, practices and designed with the needs of your specific market at the core.

We're looking forward to connecting you with new customers and raising the profile of your business online.

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